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How to Correct Hip Imbalances for Tennis Players

All of us, especially tennis players, have muscular imbalances. These may be left/right; upper/lower or posterior/anterior but they are there. Because these imbalances will show where a player is susceptible to injury or where they will be weaker on the court, when I evaluate a player I look for these imbalances so I can create a program to help correct them. Due to the repetitive nature of tennis as well as being dominant to one side, tennis players are especially prone to imbalances…


Training Tennis Players – Effective Lateral Movement

The ability to move well laterally in tennis is imperative for an elite player. Most shots are followed by a lateral recovery back into an optimal court position. Movement to the ball starts from a lateral position with a split-step and the opening of the hips in the direction of the next shot. Hip strength and the ability to fire the glutes are essential for effective lateral movement…


RAW Tennis Performance

Tennis Performance Training Program – We concentrate on stability, flexibility, explosiveness and proper movement patterns.

The RAW Tennis Performance Training Program focuses on training “movement, not muscles.” We spend time in the gym getting our players stronger but our focus is on functional movements, especially those specific to tennis.

We concentrate on stability, flexibility, explosiveness and proper movement patterns…


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