Sustainable Cities Can Lead Us To A Sustainable Planet

Sustainable Cities Network
To help address the impacts of cities on climate change and the impact of climate change on cities, we are developing the world’s most comprehensive and inclusive awards program around resiliency and sustainability to accelerate the movement of cities and communities toward efficiency and resiliency. With your help, this prestigious annual award will be the richest and most comprehensive awards program in the world for resiliency and sustainability.

The Greener Cities program will help communities develop better and more comprehensive plans faster because it will help engage all segments of a community and it will encourage the consideration of multiple strategies. While it will promote sustainable living and efficient uses of limited public resources, it also will help many communities plan for eventual changes caused by climate change.

Although the intent of this program is to improve the community visioning and planning process, it also will positively impact the quality of life in these communities. Those impacts will include improved communication across entire communities and better cooperation among stakeholder groups.

This program also provides the opportunity to move quickly in the fight to minimize the impact of human activity on the critical environment that sustains all forms of life. Instead of a process involving large institutions and organizations, this effort will motivate and empower entire city/county/provincial governments and millions of their citizens quickly. In summary, this program will:

  • Empower hundreds, even thousands, of local communities and millions of citizens to become active in developing and implementing solutions to climate change and resiliency.
  • Increase the capacities of local leaders to engage citizens to collaboratively develop solutions to climate change.
  • Create both online and personal networks of community leaders and citizens who can share experiences, ideas, and resources in their pursuit of local and regional solutions.
  • Promote a new grassroots perspective about sustainability and climate change, which is necessary to promote vital behavioral changes and new policies on all levels.
  • Maintain a healthy planet that can sustain life for future generations.
  • Further position the host and our founding members as leaders in sustainability.
  • Generate valuable global media coverage.
  • Generate new revenue streams for the host city and the founding members.

Greener Cities and Communities

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