Reforestation Critical To Saving Life As We Know It

Reforestation Can Help Battle Climate Change
Deforestation is responsible for about 20 percent of the rise in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The rise in greenhouse gases, both human caused and natural, are contributing to unprecedented levels of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere, which is contributing to climate change and extreme weather.

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Sacred Seedlings is an international forest conservation and economic development program. Its intent is to help combat climate change, make communities more sustainable and resilient, protect wildlife habitat, and generate plenty of clean and green jobs. We are developing our first pilot project in Tanzania now.

“Our goal is to plant as many trees as possible in as many settings as possible–as soon as possible,” said company founder Gary Chandler. “We are accepting applications for reforestation and forest conservation projects including urban forestry projects in cities and communities.”

Save Kilimanjaro

The company promotes forest conservation, reforestation, and urban forestry projects around the globe. When feasible, it incorporates agro-forestry and biochar into projects to maximize their impact and productivity.

When possible, it coordinates carbon offset certification and funding for stakeholders. In some cases, projects may qualify for Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD) funding. Other projects will be ideal for sponsorship, research, grants and voluntary carbon-offset funding.

Sacred Seedlings, a division of Denver-based Earth Tones, Inc. has formed a partnership with the Mellowswan Foundation Africa-Tanzania to plant 10 million trees over the next four years in the Kilimanjaro District. Two plots of land have been donated for the nurseries by the local forest district.

“The Foundation approached us and asked if we could help save the country’s vanishing wildlife,” said Gary Chandler, co-founder of Sacred Seedlings. “We asked if they could support a reforestation program to generate jobs, save wildlife habitat and help combat climate change?”

The Foundation seized upon the idea and started developing the scope of work. Once funded, locals will build two nurseries and greenhouses to maximize the production time for the seedlings. After about four months, the seedlings will be planted permanently in a variety of settings, including deforested areas around national parks and forest districts. Crop-bearing trees will be planted in urban areas to serve as weather barriers and to generate food for the locals. These trees will be too valuable for anyone to cut down.

extinction is forever rhino

Tanzania is ground zero in the war on wildlife. More than 10,000 elephants were slaughtered there for ivory just last year. Only about 70,000 elephants remain today. Without a variety of interventions, extinction of the African elephant, rhinoceros, lions and other endangered species is probable within just a few years. Economic development with clean and green jobs is one way to help take the pressure off of these animals, while helping the local people earn a living.

“We’re tracking down sponsors, grants and donors to help make this program possible,” Chandler said. “This will be the first of several reforestation programs around the world. Hopefully, we can launch several across Colorado and the America’s very soon.”

“The project will incorporate several species of trees that are indigenous to the area,” said Tumaini Mosha, project director for Mellowswan Foundation Africa-Tanzania. “Crop-bearing trees such as coffee, cocoa and palm also will be grown and planted in urban areas to block buildings from the weather and to grow food. That way people won’t cut them down for firewood.”

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