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Helping firms prosper in their markets and abroad. Partners International offers international business consulting, partnership creation, business and concept evaluation, professional negotiation, speaking and training. We also offer an array of audio and visual products.

We offer an array of services to help firms grow and prosper:

Training: Sales, management, and negotiation drive businesses. Our experts can build productivity in your staff.

Research Services: Who is in the market? What are your competitors doing? Why do your clients buy and from whom? What market obstacles exist? Let us find you the answers.

Partnering Services: Location, evaluation and selection of the right partners can make a tremendous difference. Our network of contacts enables our clients to work with the correct people.

Negotiation Services: We will represent, accompany or train you to negotiate with your business partners.

Troubleshooting and Disaster Containment: Firms often work with the wrong people or in the wrong way. When your objectives aren’t being met, let us know. An outside party decreases the chance of disastrous consequences when troubleshooting.

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