Massage Therapy Specialists For Physical Therapy, Therapeutic Massages and Yoga

At the Center for Neuromuscular Massage Therapy in Denver, CO, Elena Paskova and Kalin Davidov are just some of the certified, licensed massage and physical therapists who will exceed your expectations.

Elena Paskova integrates a holistic approach with very specific treatments to expand your awareness of your own body, mind and lifestyle so you can improve the quality of your life for the long run. She specializes in neuromuscular therapy, physical therapy, sports massage, pre/post-natal, deep tissue massage and Reiki.

Kalin Davidov has a background in professional sports and has been practicing, studying and teaching yoga for many years. In his treatments Kalin combines his broad knowledge and experience with the specific methods of neuromuscular therapy to achieve a high degree of efficiency. He is very knowledgeable in Chinese medicine and is a specialist in neuromuscular therapy, sports massage, thai massage, deep tissue and yoga.

Center for Neuromuscular Massage Therapy located in Denver, Colorado offers therapeutic massages, physical therapy, yoga, acupuncture and Chinese medicine.

Massage therapy includes several modalities such as deep tissue, corporate, medical, sports, Swedish and Thai massage for pain relief and stress relief. Active physical therapy may include dry needling, full body massages, stretching, exercise to maintain flexibility, rebuild strength, and restore tissue function.

Yoga puts the mind under control, expanding consciousness and transforming human nature.

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