Marketing Strategist Says Traditional News Still Matters

Media Relations and Marketing

Over the past decade, traditional media has become more diluted and fragmented than ever. Traditional news coverage in magazines, newspapers, radio and television isn’t what it used to be. Digital media has become immediate, global, social and sharable. Can old-school media keep up? Should clients still care about reaching stakeholders with yesterday’s news? Yes.


As you know, traditional media companies have consolidated and merged to create fewer outlets, but with bigger footprints and a broader reach. Those that have survived the shakeout are more creative and hungry for unique content. They are often sophisticated multimedia conglomerates with several channels, including blogs, Tweets, Facebook pages, YouTube posts and more. If you can make the evening news or the front page today, it can work for you for a long time. Your earned placements can become viral, link-building, search-engine optimizing machines.

Thanks to new technology and additional channels of contact, pitching stories to reporters and editors requires a few new tricks. For example, supporting television stories with video from around the globe is easier than ever. Self-publishing content on your own site, blogs, channels and social platforms also has created new outlets for us all. Media relations is definitely a new game, but the rewards are greater than ever. What ever you do, don’t overlook the value traditional news in an evolving world.

For more information about media relations, marketing and issue management, please contact Gary Chandler at Crossbow Communications The company has offices in Denver, New York and Phoenix and international capabilities.

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