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Partners International – International Business Consulting

Our solutions include: consulting, partnership creation, business and concept evaluation, strategic planning, professional negotiation, speaking and training. Partners International can help you domestically and internationally. Our insight and execution can help you prosper, in your market and abroad…



Expand Into New Markets

With thousands of media companies, an equal number of software companies and countless other firms engaged in high tech, there simply may not be enough business for you in the United States alone.

Perhaps your company is doing well, but has reached a plateau.

By internationalizing your efforts you expand your market reach into, not only new and exciting markets, but very profitable ones as well…

International Business Market Access


International Business Consultant – Bill Decker

Bill Decker is founder and managing director of Partners International Inc. He consults in foreign and domestic market penetration, negotiation, cross-cultural understanding, and strategy for Start-ups and company growth…

International Business Consultant


Global Business Video: How Do You Handle Business Cards In International Business?

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