How Can You Use Data to Save Money?

Save with Data

Save With Data - Savings with Big Data

Save with Data features articles, videos and news about firms who have used data to SAVE money for their organizations.


Why Your Business Is Not Making As Much As It Could

In the business world this happens all the time, a company is struggling and doesn’t understand why their revenue is decreasing. They grasp at ideas, maybe our product isn’t good enough, are our employees working their hardest, are we not making enough sales? Ultimately the company either reaches out for help or is drowned by their unknown problem…



The Music Industry Is Looking To Big Data For Change

Simply put, the industry is changing. So, how can we help artists receive the compensation and recognition they deserve? The answer to that lies within big data



How Much Do Data Scientists Make?

Finding meaningful relationships in a mound of data can be like finding a needle in a hay stack and can sometimes take a long time to uncover anything relevant. With that being said, those who have the training and the patience to succeed in this profession have the opportunity to work for some pretty fun companies.



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