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Big Data Tips 1-2-3

Richard Batenburg - Cliintel In this digital age, customers are the most important, most ignored element of a company’s success. Once faced with a less than satisfactory experience with your business, customers have the power to flock to the Internet and inform other current or potential prospects of your shortcomings.

So, how do we harbor rave reviews, return customers, and overall outstanding customer satisfaction? It starts with change. In his book “Change is Great… Be First!”, Richard Batenburg will walk you through the small changes it takes to create a huge shift within your company. His expert advice can help you improve your business’s servant leadership, corporate culture, teamwork, and most importantly your bottom line.

In business, we are led to believe that providing the lowest price is paramount, but that usually comes with disregard for top quality in goods and services and can therefore lead to many dissatisfied customers. “Change is Great… Be First!” can show you how attention to quality in all aspects of your company is more important than being the most inexpensive.

Get ready to partner with your customers to execute and measure the success you both crave. It’s up to you to make the right changes—before your customers find someone new.



Real Time Data – Save Money, Make Money

Cliintel is the leading business intelligence firm in the industry. For decades Cliintel has been helping firms become more productive and more profitable.

In between Intention and Retention, people are using tools and processes in the workflow. Each time a person engages with a tool and/or a process we have a transaction. By looking into these transactions in an unbiased and clear way, we gain insight as to the experience of the customer and the company. We can make our insights visible to your firm.

Cliintel provides your company with actionable information. You can act on it right away and produce immediate results. How much more can you afford to lose?

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Cliintel Real Time Data

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