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5 Tips for Dealing with Triggers and Cravings

So you’re in early recovery. You’re sober, but life has so many more rules, and it feels like there’s so much to fear. All you want to do is get get back to work, get back to school, find your footing, and make up for lost time.

As you get back into the groove, invitations to social events will start to roll in—concerts, weddings, barbecues, family gatherings. The truth is that life keeps rolling on, and the fact that you can choose to be a part of it as a sober young man is amazing. Addiction isolated you, kept you feeling alone even in a crowd. But how do you jump back in?

The world is full of triggers.

Diving back into your social life without considering triggers, or hiding out and abstaining altogether are both approaches that can threaten your hard-won recovery…

Addiction Recovery Tips


Real Families, Real Recovery

Family participation in the recovery process is crucial and we are honored by the trust and commitment families give us.

Family members are deeply affected by their loved one’s addiction and need their own path to recovery, and family recovery creates a much healthier environment in support of their loved one’s recovery.

At Voyage, we put a heavy emphasis on family support. Each week our clinical staff spends time working directly with the families of our patients. Families are given information and assignments to complete each week in preparation for Family Program. For five amazing and transformative days, family members join us at our facility in Hobe Sound, Florida, for a family-centric program of learning, growth and self-care that families do in tandem with their loved one and on their own…

Addiction Recovery – Family Support


Voyage Recovery

Start your journey of recovery at Voyage with a group of professionals dedicated to evidenced-based practices that help young men find lifelong remission from substance use disorders. You’ve made it this far on your own, now let us guide you through the next phase of your journey.

Young people get better and stay better when they have the support of their family, but families have their own journey of recovery. The program at Voyage cares for the whole family. We give each of you a safe place to explore the effects this baffling illness has had on you, and help you find healthy ways of coping in the months and years ahead…

Addiction Recovery Treatment


The Voyage Residence

The Voyage residence was designed with a commitment to creating a sacred space of recovery. Our home sits on the Indian River Lagoon as it extends to Jupiter Inlet. The house is open and expansive, and life inside it mirrors this feeling.

Young men get better together.

​We are earnest about the men spending their time together, and isolation is not an option. Each floor has a dedicated common area. The communal area on the garden level is for reflection. Unlike the other common areas of the house, this space is quiet and meant for contemplation and introspection…

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