3D-Printed Valves for Life-Saving Coronavirus Treatments – Next 5 3D Printing Breakthroughs

3D-Printed Valves for Life-Saving Coronavirus Treatments

Medical company threatens to sue volunteers that 3D-printed valves for life-saving coronavirus treatments

The valve typically costs about $11,000 — the volunteers made them for about $1.

A medical device manufacturer has threatened to sue a group of volunteers in Italy that 3D printed a valve used for life-saving coronavirus treatments…



The Next 5 Printing Breakthroughs (2019-2024)

3D printing speeds are slated to increase by 50-100X…



Top 3D Printing Videos

It could be the next frontier in medicine, Israeli scientists announcing they’ve used a 3D-printer to build a human heart. Imagine how this can change the field of cardiology forever!


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